Random Chat (Part 3)

Continuing the discussion from Random Chat (Part 2) - #8256 by Infinity.

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ah yes… part 2 part 2

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btw i finally closed a chat! yay!


Congratulations I guess? :confetti_ball:

me and png would fight about it in… the other community

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Hold up wasn’t someone supposed to make those?

someone did

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Also why 8000?

@Infinity Trinity decals on the side

because 8000

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would take some time to make

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I would love to put a trinity decal on my car

i’m not that good with decals

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In gran turismo you can just upload them lol

We were trying something to make topics more manageable but this was just a test. Also mega can affect performance etc

I Identify as an Apache Attack Helicopter

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Here’s my life story in a comment I found on an AFP95 video

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V2 Positive Rate
Gear Up

Qatari 779 Heavy, you were not cleared for takeoff, please follow instructions or you will be ghosted.