Pride Month - AWW Style

Hey everyone! :love_you_gesture:

As I am sure most of you know, June is Pride Month and we thought as a collective organization, we thought we would do our bit to combat and rid the world of homophobia. The AWW will now and forever remain an inclusive community for both its users and moderators, a home where people can be their true-self without the worry of being judged, stereotyped, or bullied. Come into contact with any such behavior and our @safeguarding team will be there to swiftly end it. Speak up. Speak Out. Speak Strong. We are here for you all. :hugs:

We are all equals, brothers, and sisters in the eyes of society. Homophobia is damaging. Think before you speak, before you act, before you hurt. Society has come far, but not far enough. Still, in too many countries, being gay, bisexual, transgender are seen as sins and Pride Month acts as a time for us all to reflect on what part we can take in making the world a more equal place. Be Proud. Be Bright. Be Blissful. :rainbow_flag: :muscle:

It gives me great pleasure to present the newest AWW theme, allowing us once more to celebrate the freedom to love, to be loved and to be your own. Wishing you all a fantastic month ahead and nothing but positivity.

AWW Family & Your Second Home.


VORG theme lol


can we keep this forever?

For the month of June certainly! :wink:

can it stay and be renamed to “rainbow” after june?

gets ignored

Brought it up. We will certainly consider it! :blush:


Amazing message and new theme! Bring on June, the (3rd) best month of the year!


Is there a place where you can suggest crap like for example new backgrounds since people do it here?

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The #meta:features category


Happy to be supporting this here on the community! Great theme and visibility.

I’m +1 on keeping this :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it really needs to be up the whole. Year there are more important months such as December (Christmas), and February (black history month)

Festive themes are something that we plan to add based on each notable holiday. We are still supporting those and will add themes. You are not obliged to use the theme at all if you don’t like it.

Pride month is something that we at Aviators Worldwide have decided to promote and is close. We’ve decided to add a theme to represent this and show our support for everyone. Whilst we understand there are other important months, you are free to change things such as user profile to support those in your own way. No less importance is shown here. This is just something we’ve decided to create a theme to support pride. Other months will be taken into account to base on future decisions however.



Ok that’s fine.

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I don’t see it :thinking:

What do you mean

You’d have to click the hamburger menu (the 3 lines in the top right) and it will show you the list of themes you can select.

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What Canadian said. Alternatively, preferences → interface → select theme.