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Short Introduction


Infinite Flight Elite Pilots (IFEP) is a new virtual organisation based on the mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight. The aim of the VO is to bring pilots from across the world into a single flying group, unlock new potential by combining their knowledge from Infinite Flight / Aviation experience, and make new friendships. After being originally founded back in January 2018, we have brought this revolutionary VO back to Infinite Flight and here on the Aviators Worldwide Community. With something for every pilot, weekly events, in addition to flight logging and ranks, IFEP is the right choice for you!



Upon approval and after initial testing, all pilots are given the rank of “IFEP Approved Pilot”. Once they have started to log hours in our Crew Center, pilots will be able to achieve higher ranks. Please see below our rank names and hours required:

IFEP Rank Number of Hours
IFEP Approved Pilot 0
IFEP Second Officer 10
IFEP First Officer 30
IFEP Captain 100
IFEP Base Captain 200
IFEP Elite Captain 300
Infinite Flight Elite Pilot 500 + outstanding dedication to the VO



We offer a worldwide route network for our pilots. Recently we have altered our route database to be in line with the new Infinite Flight 21.1 update. This means pilots will be able to explore new 3D airports in Infinite Flight whilst still exploring new regions of the world. We still offer routes to non-3D airports and to more underrated airports. Our routes network will be constant work in progress based on pilot feedback. A selection of routes have been added for version 1 and we aim to expand very quickly after launching.

Some of our hub airports include:

• Edinburgh Airport (EGPH)
• London Heathrow Airport (EGLL)
• Munich Airport (EDDM)
• Cape Town International Airport (FACT)
• OR Tambo International Airport (FAOR)
• Auckland International Airport (NZAA)
• Dubai International Airport (OMDB)
• Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS)
• Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
• San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)
• John F Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)
• Sydney Kingsford International Airport (YSSY)



Each week we aim to finally host internal event/s within IFEP. Our events are managed by our dedicated events management team who will plan each event to help explore new places of the world. We aim to explore a new region per event, not only does this help explore underrated areas, however gives IFATC controllers in those regions some traffic. Given the recent change of the IFATC transition to regions, we want to take to a new region each week and give the controllers some ops whilst exploring new routes. All IFEP events will take place on the Expert Server unless otherwise stated.



We use Discord as our main communication platform on a daily basis for IFEP. Discord is a free app available on both the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. We do require our members to be at least the Discord age requirement for their country and to abide by the Terms of Service at all times when communicating within our VO. Successful applicants will be sent an instant invite link to join our server upon approval.



Before submitting an application for pilot, please review our joining requirements below:

  • Grade 3 + in Infinite Flight
  • Valid Infinite Flight PRO Subscription
  • Expert Server access
  • No Level 3 violations in the past 6 months
  • Valid Instagram / Aviators Worldwide Community account
  • Discord account
  • Be at least 13 or the Discord age requirement for your region

Fill out the following Google Form to apply: Apply by clicking here
Note: it may take up to 48hours to process your application and only successful applicants will be contacted.

We are still recruiting staff members in addition to pilots. We are mostly in need of Recruiters and Flight Instructors. Please contact @ThomasR to have a chat and apply for these roles.

We hope to see you joining IFEP soon!

© IFEP 2021

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I see IFEP is making a comeback, too bad I don’t fly on IF anymore


Still remember you from the old times as a flight instructor? was fun! Excited to continue it on. I think a few OGs have moved on too.

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Apply Now!

As we have now officially launched, we are still seeking active pilots and staff to join our team at IFEP! If you are interested in making new friendships within Infinite Flight, flying in group flights, participating in weekly events, accessing a global route network and PIREPs, IFEP is the right choice for you! We pride ourselves in being a welcoming virtual organisation for all. We welcome pilots from all around the world and include everyone regardless. Our staff at IFEP are experienced in leadership to ensure daily operations are smooth and the VO is enjoyable. In addition to this, pilots are tested upon applying to ensure the correct individuals are joining the team with professional flying skills.

Pilot Application:
Please review the following set requirements before submitting a pilot application.

  • Grade 3 + in Infinite Flight
  • Valid Infinite Flight PRO Subscription
  • Expert Server access
  • No Level 3 violations in the past 6 months
  • Valid Instagram or Aviators Worldwide Community account
  • Discord account
  • Be at least 13 or the Discord age requirement for your region

Apply: Elite Pilots - Apply

Staff Application:
We are currently seeking out interested individuals to help with the following posts:

• IFEP Recruiter
• IFEP Flight Instructor Team
• IFEP Events Management

Please send a direct message to @ThomasR for more information on these roles and to apply.

We can’t wait to see you joining us here at IFEP soon!


Yeah, I became a flight instructor towards the end of the original. I might of still flown on IF, but the sub got really expensive

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HI @ThomasR,

I had a question, IFEP is linked with VARB or no ?
If no, i really would like to join the staff team if you still recruiting!

Thanks in advance.


Hey Baba! Following our conversation on Discord, we are not going to be going with the IFVARB. We are operating on Instagram / other social media and here on this forum. IFVARB policies etc won’t apply in this case. Thanks!


Thanks for your answer ^^


Crew Center and Routes Update

We recently launched version 1 of our Crew Center to our pilots with a small selections of routes. These routes are work in progress and currently cover many regions of the world with a range of short, medium and long hauls, however it’s very limited as we constantly add 100s of routes.

Free Flying

We have also decided to allow freedom when flying for IFEP just now. This means pilots can file any flight they want (any route they want worldwide) within their ranked aircraft in addition to our handful of starter routes! Want to fly the classic KLAX to KSFO? How about some flying in the Middle East? What about some flying in the Himalayas? No problem! We have you covered. Free flight allows any flight you fly in Infinite Flight to be logged within rank. More information on aircraft, ranks and hours can be found when you are fully approved and set up.

Do you fancy logging all your future Infinite Flight flights for flight hours within IFEP?* Apply now! We can’t wait to see you onboard.

*flights are only able to be logged within rank and depending on unlocked aircraft

Send in applications here: Elite Pilots - Apply

Ensure you have met our requirements at Elite Pilots - Our Requirements before submitting.

If you have any further questions or want more information, please feel free to send me a direct message! :slight_smile:


No flying alone within IFEP!

We certainly enjoy group flying and events here at IFEP. We will ensure that no pilot is left behind! You won’t be flying alone any longer when you participate in our regular group flights and weekly events.

Here are some shots from our recent flights with members:

Want to join in future flights and events? What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Link to application: Elite Pilots - Apply

Requirements: Elite Pilots - Our Requirements

Feel free to DM me for more information or to discuss anything.

We can’t wait to see you onboard!


Looking good as always! Can’t wait to be able to finally attend a group flight fully!

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Thanks Errigal! We’re certainly looking forward to our first event and filling up the skies this weekend. Glad to have you with us!

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Great looking VO, just applied!


I’m so proud to be part of the Staff Team of this wonderful and growing VO. I can’t wait to continue my adventure for them.
Don’t forget to join if you are interested.

Baptiste Desmet - Infinite Flight Elite Pilots Technical Manager


Just applied! I can’t wait to join!

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