Dough, Fingers and Dunes!?

Just a quick check-in topic and another set of photos! This time from Doagh Strand with views over to Five Fingers Strand, which is home to Ireland’s highest sand dunes and one of the highest in Europe!

There is a very unique bay-like River thatseoarates the 2 beaches. On the right is Doagh and to the right is Malin.

Five Fingers Strand with those massive sand dunes!

Clifftop view of Doagh Strand and Five Fingers Strand.

The sea!

I hope you enjoyed these photos and I’ve got quite a few so I’ll be making a second topic on this!

All photos are my own.


Beautiful! Definitely looks like a fun & relaxing little adventure!!


Wow this looks super incredible! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The water looks so nice and blue.

That feels like a stupid thing to say.

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Well, Ondrej. That’s basically all of water. Just thought I’d let you know

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Thanks everyone! It’s a great spot!

And yes @Ondrej, the water was nice and blue :ocean:

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You like going to beaches and coast don’t you? I should be going to Durdle Door soon.

Actually I prefer mountains and things like that. The west coast amazing though, with many great beaches.
Durdle Door is a very unique name for a beach!

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Been to Formby, Crosby, Rhyl and Harlech.

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